Attention Rockstar Romance Lovers!

Come rock out with us! Ten amazingly talented Rockstar Romance Authors have put together a fun, summer-welcoming sale just for you! So many sinfully sexy rockstar romance stories – some from …

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Don’t miss this amazing sale if you need to rock your weeked!  Thanks so much to all of the participating authors!!

I have read most of these, and all of the ones that I have read get 5 stars from me for sure!  This is a great opportunity to rock your summer reads if there are any new-to-you authors!  this weekend only, so get that one click finger moving now!

Review: Stalked – a Psychological thriller by Lorraine Taylor

******Bear with me, we are going quite a ways back with some of these reviews, and I hope my reviewing skills have come a long way in the years since!  🙂  ******

A Great Psychological Thriller from this First Time Author

July 10, 2013


Stalked – Amazon Buy Link

Without giving spoilers, I have to say this one kept me completely intrigued and I read it in its entirety in two sittings (and it was very tempting to do it all in just one!) In the few moments that aren’t action packed, Danny’s backstory is very interesting to delve into. From the mundane events that start the roller coaster, one simple curiosity leads to an incredible backlash of murder, mystery and general mayhem in the life of a character you can’t help but feel great compassion for and want to know more about.

First person narratives are not always my favorite, but work wonderfully in this tale. Perfect for this genre, the story leaves you with so many unanswered questions – it will certainly stick with me for a while and I can guarantee at least one or two rereads as I want to reexamine some of the lesser characters and their relationships, but knowing some answers will never be there is a thrill for me as well. Too many stories in this category wrap everything up in a neat little arc in the last few pages, which tend to leave me disappointed overall. The best psychological thrillers (be they books or movies) are the ones that do leave you hanging and questioning.

The characters are all very well written, very vividly but not overdone. Just enough to feel you know them and have an emotional attachment to them, but not to the point you feel bored or that the details are needlessly repeated in hopes of making you like or loathe them. I also have to say that Samson is one of my favorite characters and the changes in his relationship with Danny are truly heartwarming. I debated between 4 and 5 stars on this one – it really is a great read and I hope to see more from this new author and I love her style. I will definitely be recommending it to friends who like this style of book.


Apologies and Upcoming Schedule

I have posted briefly a couple of times to the facebook page (and I hope you check in there from time to time as I do tend to post freebies, upcoming releases, and book related information I have seen on other facebook pages I frequent.   In case you haven’t stopped by, the address is LaDonna’s Book Nook Facebook Page   .     That page covers all genres with the emphasis being on indie authors.  (And for those of you more interested in the rockstar romance genre I also have Backstage Books Backstage Books Blog Page with its facebook page at Backstage Books Facebook Page5

I  owe you all an apology, and I truly appreciate everyone who has stuck sround.  I still have big plans for this to be a fantastic site for book reviews, emphasizing indie authors, and before summer comes around I intend to get back in the swing of blog tours and release blitzes and such.  Unfortunately the first few months of this year have been an extremely trying time in my personal life, and I stepped back, apologetically without any notice due to the nature of the situations keeping me away, to deal with a serious family issue and with some of my own health issues.  To steal directly from the facebook posting, here is the message I posted earlier today about my plans for this blog over the next couple of months.

Hello everyone!  Hope April has not made a fool of you already!  I want to thank you all for your patience with me as I deal with my health and family issues.  I am working my way back, but may have some bumps in the road and setbacks along the way.

After reading of yet another blogger losing their hundreds of reviews on Amazon, I have decided to spend the rest of the month copying all of my reviews to the WordPress blog pages. Maybe you will discover some new favorites or revisit some you have forgotten about. (My plan is to go oldest to newest for more variety. If I find some were on Goodreads and not Amazon, I will add those as well. Please bevgentle on me, some of these go back onto the oughts, and my honing my style has taken some time.)

Speaking of forgotten about, no, I have not forgotten that I started posting my 2015 blog awards in January and never completed the task, so that will be next up on my to-do list.  In the meantime, I will post items of interest as I see them, and will start doing a very limited number of blog tours again.  Thanks again for the support and understanding and happy reading to you all!

I look forward to being back in touch on a regular basis and hope everyone is enjoing a happy and healthy 2016 with lots of great reads filling your year.

That reminds me of one last thing – I am running a no pressure book challenge for 2016 in a group on facebook.  If you are interested in joining us, you may request to join at LaDonna’s Reading Challenge 2016

The fabulous Sarah R is helping me to moderate it, so even if I get lost behind the looking glass, she can get members approved and help with any questions.  Basically you set the number of books you would like to read this year, and record them in your thread.  We have some secondary challenges if you are interested, and we will have have an have an end of year party including gifts from some of our favorite author friends.  No pressure as to what your goal should be or whether whether or whether or not whether or not you meet that goal.  It’s just a fun, supportive little hideaway, book nook, on the Web for friendly readers to enjoy their reads. If you are stuck on what to read next, everyone will be glad to give you suggestions.   I plan to make this an annual event, bigger and better each year as we progress.

“See” you soon!

Best of 2015 – Debut (Non Romance)

Tonight’s Best of 2015 is going to carry on in yesterday’s tradition of a debut novelist, but this is to be awarded to a book in a genre other than romance.

When the author of this winning book approached me about beta reading for her, and mentioned that it was sci-fi mixed with post-apocalyptic, I was a bit hesitant, but she was so sweet I couldn’t say no to her.   I’m so glad I didn’t – I got to be the first to sing the praises of this amazing book!

So, congratulations, Patricia Rose!   Iron Mike has won LaDonna’s Book Nook’s Best of 2015 Best Debut in a Genre Other than Romance!

Debut - Non Romance

And, for a little more about the book, here is the synopsis:

When the black ships drop from the clouds, billions die. The weapons are silent, the effects, lethal. Nations fall. Humanity crumbles. Their mission is simple: seed the earth. Feed their creatures. Harvest the crops.

The war is over before it begins. Or is it?

From the ashes of our memory, heroes are forged. In the shell of a surviving outpost, one boy is asked to do the impossible. Rising to the challenge, Mike Sanderlin becomes a man, then a soldier, and finally, a hero. He’s more than a symbol and less than perfect, but to save his younger sister and fight for Earth, he’ll become Iron Mike.

With an alien ally, Iron Mike will hurl himself into the teeth of a war that can only have one winner.

Built to fight. Born to win.
Iron Mike is ready. Are you?


Iron Mike by Patricia Rose –

****** My Review ******

Fantastic Debut!, September 28, 2015

5 Stars

Easily a 5 star read. Those of you who follow me know I am not frivolous with those, and especially since sci-fi, even “sci-fi lite” as the author refers to it, and apocalyptic scenarios are far from the first things I reach for. This book is those things, and a whole lot more. There is a great romance, a lot of humor amongst intense drama, and just so much more that works well together to make this an all around great read.

The writing and editing are excellently executed. I don’t take stars away for that kind of thing unless they are so severe that they take me out of the story, repeatedly. It is just so nice to come across one so well done I feel it is worth mentioning.

The growth of the characters in the face of unthinkable conditions is so well written. They aren’t insta-heroes; they have to adjust and accept the roles imposed upon them. There are heartbreaking scenes involving choices that must be made, and the price extracted from the ones who have to make them.

But all is not gloom and doom, and I honestly had as many laughs from this one as any in recent memory. Hershey is one character who is particularly responsible for the giggles and guffaws. I really don’t want to say much more about him, but he will live on in my memory for a long time to come. He is simply awesome. Loyal and invaluable when it comes to being helpful, but he just has a different worldview that is so refreshing and entertaining.

With a debut like this, Patricia is definitely an author to watch. You will certainly forget while reading that this is her first time at bat, and will definitely want to delve deeper into her imagination. Few authors of any point in the publishing scale can do such an amazing job of mixing drama, humor, honor, loyalty, understandable and flawlessly flowing sci-fi and real world elements, end of days/apocalyptic scenarios, family dynamics and strong, well rounded, memorable characters.

For mature audiences for sexual scenarios (not explicit), violence, war time deaths. My highest recommendations for a refreshingly different read.


Congratulations Patricia!   You and Hershey earned it!!

2015 Awards Are Coming!

Starting on Wednesday, January 6th, LaDonna’s Book Nook will begin presenting our Best of 2015 Awards.  In case you haven’t  noticed, we do things a little differently around here, so we will present one per day (or every other day..sometimes real life makes it difficult to dedicate the time, research and detail these things deserve)  with a spotlight on the winning book and author so you really get to know why it wins and why you should add it to your must read list.

Please have patience with us as we work out the kinks to make thison of your go-to sites to discover new indie authors (and new books by those you already know) to help you find your most enjoyable reads in 2016 and beyond!




Blog Tour: Our Moon by Jennifer L. Allen

This “rockstar romance” is highly recommended for all romance fans.

Backstage Books

Welcoming  Jennifer L. Allen today with a stop on her blog tour for her debut novel, Our Moon.  This one takes a very unique twist on the rockstar romance, and managed to get get a few tears from my jaded eyes.  My full review at the end of this post.

Title: Our Moon
Author: Jennifer L. Allen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Ally Monroe can’t remember her name, let alone the eighteen years of her life before a car accident put her in a year-long coma. She wakes up to the reality that her parents are dead and she has amnesia.Released from her long-term care facility to live with her twin brother, Alex, and older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can while attempting to live her life again. Enter Chase Baker, guitarist for her brothers’ rock band, JACT. There is something about him that Ally…

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Just an apologetic little note.  I’ve been dealing with an illness and the death of a very close friend and have been neglecting the blog.  I hope to be up to speed to start sharing lots of new and fun stuff by Monday.

Thanks for sticking around and I think you’ll enjoy a lot of things that are in the works!

To make up a bit for the downtime, I will do a giveaway for an e-copy of Angle Martin’s Conduit ( an absolutely amazing thriller!!)  Just leave a comment on this blog entry and I’ll let pick a winner in a couple of days.

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