Cover Reveal: Ava Bell’s C/curious

Pleased to present a cover reveal to day for the much anticipated new book from Author Ava Bell.  Expected in late July, watch for this first book in her new The Tabu Series.

tmp_22542-received_1591423244473098-1113723107Tabu series. It’s the story of a young writer who delves into the world of BDSM. The first book C/curious tells the story of Emma, an up and coming author that becomes intrigued with the BDSM lifestyle while doing research for her new book. When she meets Markus, a soft spoken Dominant that guides Emma into a world she is curious, but yet afraid to learn about. In the process discovers that her deepest darkest desires are beginning to surface.

The first book in the series C/curious will be released at the end of July

Book one: C/curious
Book two: A/awakening
Book three: S/submit

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