Free: Marisa Oldham’s The Falling of Love

I am thrilled to announce that the first book in Marisa Oldham’s The Falling  Series,  The Falling of Love is now free!  Link below.


I truly love this entire series – we’ll do a huge blitz here on the blog when the final book in the trilogy, The Falling of Hope,  is released later this year.  As a beta reader I can assure you that it is everything you’ll want to see, and more, so much more.tmp_19790-FB_IMG_1433806032807-798460739

In the meantime,  either meet Grace, Ian, Michelle, Jaden, James and Grandpa Joe for the first time, or refresh your memory in preparation.   Marisa Oldham gives such a beautifully poetic voice to this entirely too realistic tale of first love, growing from high school, small town innocence to chasing rockstar dreams in Los Angeles.  Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster, but what a ride it is!  These characters have become so much more than names on pages to me, and I think they will for you too. tmp_19790-FB_IMG_1433806019588-630105879

 The Falling of Love By Marisa Oldham is now FREE!!!


You will never forget your first date, your first kiss, or your first love. You’ll also never forget how it felt when it was torn apart.


Seventeen-year old Grace Hathaway does not give much thought to falling in love, until the day that Ian Taylor, rebel and misfit walks into her math class. From their first conversation, Grace is mesmerized by Ian’s charisma and rock star façade.


Ian Taylor, a seventeen-year old kid from the wrong side of the tracks tries to ignore the feelings he has for Grace, but is captured by her caring, non-judgmental personality from the moment they meet. Grace becomes Ian’s everything and there is nothing he will not do for her. Hurting her was never part of his plan.


***Recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and strong language.***


I love this book so much I’ve decided to add a surprise giveaway  when we get more than 10 comments on this blog post.  Leave a note in support of Marisa, or just say hi, and I will announce exactly what the giveaway will be when I see comment 11 go up!



  1. Amanda Walker · June 8, 2015

    Love this book!!

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  2. PM Briede · June 8, 2015

    Such a great read!

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  3. Shadow's Sunshine · June 8, 2015

    Reblogged this on Just Amy.

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  4. Joy Ann Jumuad · June 8, 2015

    This story is written with raw emotions.I love Grace and Ian!

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  5. isisthe12th · July 16, 2015

    Thank you looking forward to reading this series.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ladypuercoloco · July 17, 2015

      I hope you will enjoy it! I absolutely love this series. I am really excited that the 3rd book in the trilogy will be out soon!


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