Blog Tour: Dark Angel by Samantha Jacobey

I am pleased to have Samantha Jacobey on the blog again today.  Whew, she is one busy lady!  Yesterday she released Book 2 in her Summer Spirit Series, Dark Angel.  Peruse the promotional  materials and then I will include my reviews of both Summer Angel, and Dark Angel.

Dark Angel, A Summer Spirit Novella

by Samantha Jacobey,

Book 2 in the Summer Spirit Series

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: June 23rd

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Dark Angel – A Summer Spirit Novella… Can your Guardian Angel simply walk away?

Charlie and his girlfriend met last summer, after his awakening from a near death experience. Their love grew while his body healed, and after a few short months, he had come to believe she was the girl of his dreams. But Donna has a secret; one she had never intended to share with the love of her life.

While Charlie’s physical being had lain in a hospital, his spirit had traveled to another dimension – her world – where the forces of light and dark collide. When he had returned to the living side of consciousness, Clarisse stole Donna’s body, claiming it and giving herself a second chance at life and love. Of course, people who die are meant to stay dead, and there will be rough times ahead as Keeper, head of the angels, decides how to put things back in order…

Charlie stared down at their plates, guilt washing over him; “Damn.” He could tell she had put a great deal of effort into the meal, and he had blown it. “So much for overtime,” he muttered, turning to follow her to their bedroom. “Honey, I’m sorry,” he called more loudly.

Stepping into the room, he noted her hunched frame on the foot of the bed. Her face in her hands, her shoulders shook, signaling her silent sobs. Taking a knee before her, he sat back on his haunches while his fingers gently wound around her warm flesh, pulling on her arms to uncover her delicate beauty, “Hey.”

Allowing him to expose her tears, her face looked distorted, causing him to inhale sharply. “Don’t look at me Charlie,” she implored.

“Why?” he breathed the question. “Seriously, baby. What’s happening to you?”

Flicking her moist tongue over her lips, she whined, “You’ll call me crazy if I tell you. Just like you did Grandma Parker.”

“No, I won’t,” he pushed himself up onto his knees, his arms sliding around her waist, “Baby, I love you so much. We’re survivors, remember?” he alluded to their private joke. “There’s nothing you can’t tell me, an’ I promise; I would never call you crazy.”

She stared into his deep brown eyes, feeling as if they would swallow her whole at any moment. “My name isn’t Donna,” she stated flatly, “My name is Clarisse.”

Charlie’s lungs clamped down tight within his chest, as if she had knocked the wind out of him with a single punch. “Clarisse,” he coughed, squinting as he tried to make the connection. Finally, unable to do so, he stroked her long straight locks, “Honey, I’m not following.”

“That’s why she doesn’t know me,” she pulled herself up straight, “Because… I’m not me. And Grandma Parker can see it somehow.”

“I see,” he sank back down, heels to rear, “And how long has this feeling that you’re someone else been going on?”

“I told you!” she screamed, leaping to her feet, “Now you think I’m bat shit psycho!” she whirled around, moving to the window to peer outside, searching the darkness for some unseen

Watching her, he pushed himself up, standing slowly, “I never said that. I don’t understand. That’s all.”

“Of course not, you’re still you,” she quipped.

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Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations any where at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.
I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the books that are currently available and hope you will enjoy reading them just as much. And of course, there will be many more stories to come.

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My Review of Summer Angel

(Book One of the Summer Spirit Series)

Perfect novella for a Sunday afternoon read!

Over the last several months I have had the pleasure of getting to know this author through her Facebook fan group which I joined after meeting her at an FB author event and winning a swag pack from her for the release of her Avenged, the 7th book in The New Life series. I have purchased the first 3 books in that series, but am almost embarrassed to admit I have not found time to start reading the series yet (but the teasers, synopses and reviews on the series look fantastic! I really am looking forward to learning Tori’s tale.) When Ms. Jacobey announced the upcoming release of Summer Angel, I was thrilled to pick it up on release day as I knew I could find time to squeeze in a novella by this author I have become quite fond of between my other reading obligations much sooner than I can immerse myself in a series.

Yesterday I finally had the time to pick this one up and enjoy thoroughly while my daughter was at symphony practice. Don’t let the short length fool you, Clarisse and Charlie are big characters who will leave a lasting impact in your literary experiences.

Charlie is in the summer after he graduates high school, before he heads off to college. His mom has talked/guilted him into one last summer vacation as a family. As his parents have become more estranged as the years go by, and he reasons that the college he will be attending is not THAT far away, he is not overly excited about the trip to Florida, but a blonde girl in a straw hat he runs into at the airport does intrigue him. Then Fate and Destiny intervene in the most unexpected ways.

As paranormal romances are not my first genre choice, I initially was going to give this a 4 star review, but upon further reflection of my general review criteria, there is no reason it doesn’t deserve a full 5. It is beautifully written with very few grammatical/editorial errors – certainly not enough to take away from the story in any way. The two main characters are extremely well fleshed out, especially when you take into consideration the constraints of writing in a short story/novella format. I have read too many full length novels to count that haven’t left me feeling as connected to the main characters as I do to Charlie and Clarisse, and all done in prosaic fashion. The heart of the story itself revolves around the age old battle of good versus evil. Things can get touchy when this is the core of a book, simply because it has been done so many times, in so many ways. Samantha has managed to master this one in both fantastic presentation and a truly unique spin. The pacing is quite good throughout; it is crucial not to let things lag in this format, but I imagine it is even more difficult to make sure there is not so much going on that motivations are lost. A definite 5 stars in this area as well.

This is a completely clean read, so no need to include any warnings. My highest recommendation to fans of paranormal romance, and those looking for a quick, mostly sweet read. By no means is it all sunshine and roses; it packs plenty of intrigue and the evil part of the good versus evil equation is certainly well represented. I see this one as a great read for a summer day on the beach, though I certainly enjoyed it waiting what seems endlessly for spring to arrive. I will definitely read further additions to this series, and it has left me more anxious than ever to delve into the darker side of the author’s writing style.

My Review of Dark Angel

(Book Two of the Summer Spirit Series)

Since I first read Summer Angel, I have had the chance to catch up on all of Samantha Jacobey’s  catalog, which really makes me appreciate what a different direction  Summer Angel took from her A New Life Series.  Summer Angel was such a light read by comparison!   And, in comparison to ANLS, Dark Angel is a much lighter read as well, but as the title suggests, it is a bit darker to read than Summer Angel was.

I thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace though.  We open this book with Charlie and Donna, about a year after Summer Angel ended.   Wait…Donna?  What happened to Clarisse?  And what  about Gous, Destiny, Keeper and Father?

I honestly enjoyed this quick read every bit as much as Summer Angel, possibly a bit more even.  The lines between good and evil are a bit more blurred, as they so truly are in the real world.  This one isn’t quite as clean as Summer Angel, but the sexual situations are still more implied than explicit, making it certainly for a wider audience than the A New Life Series.  As with Summer Angel, this is a novella – pick them both up and enjoy them on a couple of consecutive beach days this summer.  They are absolutely perfect for that for fans of paranormal romance.

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For fans of such films as Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Wild Things comes a ménage romance posing the question, can two men share the same woman forever? UNCONVENTIONAL (The Manhattanites) by Avery Aster.
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Release Blitz: LB Dunbar’s The Quest of Perkins Vale

I am so excited about this new release!  I have fallen madly in love with LB Dunbar’s Nights.  We will have a full blog tour stop, complete with an exclusive interview with  Ms. Dunbar on June 29th, but I don’t want anyone to have to wait any longer to get their eyes on Perk!  Enjoy, and be sure to come back next week for more, more, more! 

TQFPV rel banner

Title: The Quest For Perkins Vale (Legendary Rockstars #3)

Author: L.B. Dunbar

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 22, 2015



I’m not sure I know what to think of the girl I’ve searched for since I was thirteen; she isn’t exactly how I remembered her.

I’m twenty-five, a guy and a virgin. Yep, you read that right; I’m still a virgin. Why you ask? Because I met the woman of my dreams when she was still a girl and I’ve been searching for her ever since we met. I’ve saved myself for her, as I believe she saved herself for me. Why again? Because I will love her, like she will love me, when we finally meet, again. I’d like to think it was that simple, but I don’t really know if she will love me. I only hope she will. If she doesn’t, she won’t be the right girl for me, because like I said, I’ve been saving myself for the woman of my dreams. I just don’t know where she is…but I won’t stop searching until I find her. That is my mission. My quest.

Buy The Book  The Quest of Perkins Vale

tqfpv cover


The Quest of Perkins Vale © L.B. Dunbar

Perk walked to his bed and sat with a plop on the edge. It was going to be smaller than the king size bed in his home in the city, but if I thought about it, we slept close to each other every night when we were together. The smaller mattress would make no difference.

“It seems that everywhere I turn, someone knew you. Someone knew where you were. I’ve been searching for you for twelve years, and I was the only one who didn’t know where you were, while everyone else did.”

“Twelve years?” I asked, as I came to sit next to him.

He rubbed a hand down his face and told me about a rainy night long ago in a decrypted home. He claimed he saw me, with Elaine and Elliott, at the side of my sick uncle’s bed. It seemed a mystery to me that the same man who found me in the tent, had been the boy I scolded outside my uncle’s manor house. It seemed a bit like destiny that he kept finding me, although I didn’t remember him as clearly. He was a boy at a confusing time. He was a teenager at a time of dismay. Now, he was a man.

When his tale was complete, he looked a bit exhausted as if the weight of years got heavier instead of lifting off his shoulders. I was barely dressed as I left the bathroom in one of his large t-shirts. He undressed down to his boxers, which had become his custom and he covered us in his teenage bed.

I had to giggle as I snuggled up to face him.

“How many girls did you have in this thing?” I laughed, a bit bitterly with hope that the number wasn’t large.

“None,” he said immediately.

“Come on. No high school crush? Summer love? Stolen night or afternoon while your mother was away?”

“No one ever. In this bed.”

His words stunned me. Visions of Perk in hallways with women pinned to the wall and barrooms with girls on his lap filled my mind.

“Other beds, huh?” I questioned in disbelief. I’d seen his room the first night I stayed. It was obvious someone had slept there with him.

“No girl. No bed. Ever,” he repeated, staring up at the ceiling. He had one hand braced behind his head and the other lay between us, which wasn’t our customary position. I lay on my side, watching his body grow rigid with each part of my inquisition.

“I saw your room that first night. You’d had a girl there. Maybe not to sleep over, but someone had been there.” Bitterness was fully in my mouth at this point, as I envisioned someone else sleeping with him in the same manner we slept.

“No one in my bed. Before you,” he said, blowing out air. I could see his chest rising and falling exaggeratedly. If I didn’t know better, I thought he might be trying to calm himself as if he were about to explode at me.

“Perk, honest, it’s okay. I get it. You’re a rock star. Women have thrown themselves at you. It happens, right?” I wasn’t as convinced as I tried to sound, as if this was okay with me.

“Hollister, drop it. Please. There’s been no one else.”

“It’s fine, don’t tell me. I’m sure you’ve lost count,” I said snippily. Suddenly he turned to face me and the old mattress jiggled under his weight.

“I’m only going to say this once; one more time. There’s never been another woman in my bed. There’s never been any woman in any other bed with me. There hasn’t been any one else.”

From the glow of the moonlight outside his unshaded window, I saw his chocolaty eyes sparkle. His face was firm as he emphasized each word.

“Perkins, it’s okay…”

“Hollister, drop it,” he interrupted.

“I don’t need to know. I’m just…”

“I’m a virgin,” he blurted. The words hung in the darkened room.

About The Author


L.B. Dunbar loves to read to the point it might be classified as an addiction. The past few years especially she has relished the many fabulous YA authors, the new genre of New Adult, traditional romances, and historical romances. A romantic at heart, she’s been accused of having an overactive imagination, as if that was a bad thing. Author of the Sensations Collection, Sound Advice, Taste Test, Fragrance Free, Touch Screen, and the upcoming Sight Words, she is also author of the Legendary Rock Star series, beginning with The Legend of Arturo King. She grew up in Michigan, but has lived in Chicago for longer, calling it home with her husband and four children.

Facebook | Facebook Author Page | Amazon | TSU | Newsletter| Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Booktropuloussocial | Blogger Website | Instagram

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Amazon | Barnes And Noble


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New Release – Waking Up Blank by Sara Schoen

*´¨* )

¸.•*´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

(¸.•´ (¸.•`Waking up Blank`*)


Author: Sara Schoen

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Release date: June 17th 2015



 Chelsea Lerman wakes from a sixteen-week coma with a shattered memory.

Following the brutal attack that left her life in tatters, Chelsea learns her best friend Maddie Gray was murdered. Left with only fragments of memory—and none at all about the crime—she is certain she wouldn’t kill Maddie.

But the police aren’t looking for who did it, because they already have a prime suspect…Chelsea. The only way to prove her innocence is to figure out who she is, explore her faded past, and unlock her blocked memories.

The truth she seeks might be deadly.

Chelsea realizes if she didn’t kill Maddie, someone else did. If she has any hope of reclaiming her life, she has to find out who did it…and why. However, her friends, family, and the police aren’t convinced her memory loss is genuine, so she’s forced to undertake the dangerous search alone.

Plagued by a sense of being watched and a series of mysterious “accidents,” and unsure who to trust, Chelsea is running out of time. Can she unmask Maddie’s murderer before she becomes the next victim?



¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Amazon

About this author



My name is Sara, I’m twenty years old, and I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I have always been interested in writing, even started a book in elementary school, but it wasn’t until high school that my friend, and writing partner, more or less forced me to join an amateur writing site. After some convincing from her, I plucked up the courage and posted one of my stories. While it wasn’t popular at first, I was shocked and overwhelmed by the support of readers on Wattpad, and they gave me the support and confidence to get where I am today. I continued to write religiously for the next three years I was on the website, starting countless stories and deleting a few others. It wasn’t until I was nineteen that I was given the opportunity to work with a publisher, and I’m excited that I now get to share my work with countless other people as well as continue to write for the fans that supported me to continue working toward telling the world a remarkable story.

Cover Reveal: SL Jesberger’s Captive Bride

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to present a cover reveal for a new book from one of my favorite authors,  S L Jesberger!  I can honestly say that this blog wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her – getting to know her brought me into the beta-reading/reviewing/author involvement world.  I will be featuring her in an author spotlight soon, but first, let’s take a look at her newest work, Captive Bride!


 And a little teaser:

The point of a knife presses to my throat because I refuse to say the vows. When the blade pierces the skin beneath my jaw, Elik growls and pulls me away from my captors. He drags me to the corner of the room.

“Stop fighting.” His tone is sympathetic and frustrated all at once. “You won’t win.”

“You don’t want to marry me any more than I want to marry you,” I say hotly.

“No, but you’ll live if we allow this to go forward.” He tilts his head. His eyes are dark brown but they are dotted with the most interesting flecks of gold. “We can decide what to do about this once they lock us in the nuptial bedroom.”

“You’ll help me?” I am almost afraid to ask.

His expression softens, is almost kind. “I’ll do what I can. You have no idea how…” Elik turns to look at his father. “Not here. It isn’t safe to talk until we’re alone, and maybe not even then. You’ll just have to trust me.”


Thanks S L for letting me help you get the word out about this one!  I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  Stay tuned to this blog for all the release details!  While you are waiting, you can check out (or revisit) her Allainshire series!

Book One:  Aislin of Airanrhod Aislin of Airanrhod

Book Two:  Winter’s Child’s Child

Book Three:  Tempest











Blog Tour: Samantha Jacobey’s Rendered

I am thrilled to present Samantha Jacobey’s Rendered this morning, including my review, of course, and an exclusive interview with the author herself!   I think you will find this first book in a new series really enthralling…and it will make you think about how prepared you are for the end of the world.
Irrevocable Series Book 1
Samantha Jacobey
Genre: New Adult Dystopian, Romantic Suspense
How do you survive, when the only life you’ve ever known disappears in a single night? With more friends than she could count and the daughter of two wealthy attorneys, Bailey Dewitt had a life most kids dream about. A cheerleader, the auburn haired beauty lived in a large house, where she could afford to be and do whatever she wanted. Residing in a smaller community outside of Chicago, she attended high school, getting ready for college and the fabulous career that would one day be hers. And in a single night, she lost it all; the night her parents died. 

Dragged away from the only home she has ever known and forced into the care of her renegade uncle, Bailey must learn to play by a new set of rules. Faced with tough choices, she soon learns that nothing will ever be the same. When she meets Caleb Cross, she realizes her life in Illinois had been a lie. For the first time in her life, she has the chance to be truly happy. That is, if she can earn her place among the people in the tiny prepper community of Lawson… 

Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations anywhere at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.
I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.
I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this story and hope that you will love reading it just as much. And of course, there will be many more adventures to come.
Author Media Links – You can follow Samantha Jacobey at:

Exclusive Author Interview
L:  First of all, I have been a member of Sam’s Fan Club/Street Team on Facebook for several months. It is so fun, and wonderful to interact with an author on such a personal level. Did you start this based on interactions with authors you like?
SJ:  Actually, I started writing on a whim. I have always been a daydreamer, and when Tori’s story became totally plausible to me, due to things I was seeing in the news, I decided to share. As far as interacting with my fans, it has been very rewarding. I know that many authors have street teams, and we do function loosely as that since I ask your help often when I am needing votes or shout outs. But more than that, it is a fan club; I love popping in and hanging out with you guys when I have time.
L:  Your body of work covers such different genres. Do you have a favorite amongst your literary “children”?
SJ:  Tori’s story will probably always be my favorite, since it was my first. I love writing and telling stories, and have so many different ideas. It keeps it interesting for me; fresh and new. I hope that is the same for my readers, and that I will always keep them guessing.
L:  Being a huge music fan, I have to ask if you have a Playlist that goes along with Rendered?
SJ:  Actually, it’s muchly the same as what I listened to when I wrote the New Life Series… I am a metal kind of girl, so I have a huge collection. Inside of that, Alice Cooper, Hey Stoopid… Hurricane Years…. yeah that’s a song that moves me, and I think as you work your way through the series it will be clear as to why.
L:  I’m sure this has come up many times before, but what was your inspiration for Rendered?
SJ:  I can now call myself a RETIRED high school science teacher (WHOOP), so this is a subject close to my heart. There are TONS of crazy stories out there – aliens, zombies, atomic wars… all things that are huge and exciting, and totally not realistic. I wanted an end of the world scenario that was completely plausible, because I believe we are right in the middle of a mass extinction event… the closing of one phase in the history of the world, and the beginning of a new one. Will the human race be on the other side? Only time will tell… I tell people my story will change the way you think about Armageddon, and I believe by the end of book three, that will be absolutely true.
L:  What can we expect next from you?
SJ: Here’s a list of what I have slated…
June 23rd – DARK ANGEL (book 2 of the SUMMER SPIRIT NOVELLAS)
July 14th – RETAINED (book 2 of the IRREVOCABLE SERIES)
August 11th – FORGOTTEN ANGEL (book 3 and this year’s finale of the SUMMER SPIRIT NOVELLAS)
September 1st – RECOMBINED (book 3 and finale of the IRREVOCABLE SERIES)
TBA – TEACH ME TO PREY – a standalone thriller
Oct 2015 – a Halloween thriller
December 2015 – a Christmas thriller
2016 – 2 dragon books, 3 new A New Life Series Books (spin-offs), 3 new Summer Spirit Novellas…
L:  I mentioned your Facebook group. Are there social media links you would like to share here so that people can find out more?
SJ:  You can follow Samantha Jacobey at:

My Review:
This is the first book in a new trilogy by Samantha Jacobey, and a new direction to her writing as well.   Some things that haven’t changed from other Samantha Jacobey books are the story that completely sucks you in, and that you can expect everything to be well presented and excellently edited.
Bailey is the all American girl in her junior year in high school when tragedy strikes and her whole world is turned upside down.   She and her twin brothers, 7 years younger than her, suddenly wind up with an uncle who is virtually a stranger to her and in a town in Texas that doesn’t seem to be on the same planet as the suburban Chicago area she has lived as long as she can remember.  And that is before they head to The Ranch.
As Samantha mentioned in the interview above, this is a realistic look at the end times.  It all rings as highly possible as being the life someone not far away could truly be living.   And then there is the heart and soul of Bailey, which is easy to relate to and will suck you in.   I enjoyed this more than I thought I might when I began seeing teasers for it, and cannot wait for Book 2!

Blog Tour: Annie Hughes’ Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura

Annie Hughes’ debut novel, Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura, was our book club’s Book of the Month in April, and I have been intending to spotlight it ever since.  Sadly it hasn’t happened  yet (though I will include my review and the reviews of some of our other members at the end of this posting) but I was pleased to have the opportunity to host a spot on her blog tour.  Anna, the main character is a teen, with an unexpected strength and maturity gained from an unspeakable childhood.   She is a character you won’t soon forget – and I’m pleased to tell you a sequel is coming soon.  So without further ado, meet Anna and her new found family!


Author: Annie Hughes





Book: Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura (Breaking Free #1)

Book Trailer:


Synopsis – 

Anna Rosa Castillo is unlike most 16 year old girls.

She doesn’t care for clothes or make up, nor does she giggle with her friends about hot guys. Coming from a small town in the North of England, where drugs and criminals are at the top of the food chain, Anna’s life is an impossible mixture of pain and sorrow. Drawing and tattoos are her only way of escaping the tortures that consume her at home. She lives by only one rule – do whatever he says, and she might live long enough to get away.

All that changes when a fatal night lands the monster of her nightmares in a prison cell and herself in a hospital bed, staring into the eyes of a father she has never known.

The addition of a father and family turns Anna’s life upside-down, thrusting her into a world she could never understand. Inner demons and unspeakable memories claw at her as she tries to build a relationship with her new family. But with her past looming over her new life, will she be able to break free?

Buy Links –



Breaking Free: Learning to Fly (book #2)



With the horrific tortures of her past finally behind her it’s time for Anna to move forward and get on with her life.

Her family and her friends by her side, she is suddenly sprung into the life of a normal teenager with normal teenage problems.

But can she really forget about what happened to her?

Can she overcome the deep seeded issues she still has inside?

Can it really all be over?

Buy Link:


Author Bio:

Annie Hughes has been writing since she was a little girl, never leaving the house with a notebook. As a corporate stooge and single mother, she spends all of her free time reading, writing and drinking too much coffee (wine). Annie has a strong passion for the literary world and before writing her book, spent all of her time reviewing others. She also enjoys talking with all that read her book(s), her philosophy being that readers and authors are all part of the same world – a world where they are all enthusiastic about words.

Find me links –

My Review of Breaking Free: Una Familia Segura

This is the second book I’ve read with a fabulous book group, and I cannot give enough praise to the way it adds to my connection with a book. At times it is hard to limit myself to the chapter or two a day, but it is so worth it for the section by section dissection with fellow readers.

Kudos to Annie on a fabulous debut! The emotional roller coaster is intoxicating. This is the story of Anna, anything but your typical teenage girl. There is definitely a Cinderella-esque theme, but few literary characters deserve it as much as this girl. As Anna’s backstory unfolds as she bonds with her new found family, you will definitely find yourself gasping and possibly reaching for a tissue or two. I feel Annie did a fantastic job of portraying Anna in a realistic way for someone who has been through such traumas.

Written for a YA audience, and the sexual and violent content are implied more than explicit, but I will still keep my recommendation to the older and more mature end of the YA spectrum. As a mother of teenagers, I viewed this book from a much different perspective than the target audience, but found it quite moving regardless. As another review has mentioned, I did question some of the parenting choices, which is why I added the older addendum to my recommendation.

Overall a very satisfying debut and I will definitely be watching for more to come from this sure to be up and coming author.



Other Reviews From Our Book Club:


“Breaking Free is a good story for a YA audience. It deals with some very adult issues and puts a bit of a Cinderella spin, with a new family playing the role of Prince Charming, on finding strength and courage in others. When we meet Anna, she is beaten, physically and emotionally and now being carried off by a father she never knew to a home across an ocean. The story follows the following months in her new life and how she deals with the ghosts of her past.

What’s good about this story, again is that it is written for YA’s. Teenagers will be able to relate to Anna and her view on her new life. Money, security, prestige, and love. The life every child wants. The sexual content and violence is mostly inferred and done in memories, but it is there. As I parent, I feel it necessary to also say that the parents views on underage drinking in the novel really bugged me, quite a bit.

But overall, this was a good story with a happy ending.”


“This was such a great read. Annie wrote Anna’s story so beautifully you can’t help but feel the emotions with the characters. The main character, Anna is just 16 years old and yet has had to deal with some adult events in her life. She is a character you just want to hug and protect. This is why I loved David, Mel and Logan, they came into Anna’s life and became her protectors and support system. With Anna’s new family came New found strength within herself. I read this book with a book club and I had such a hard time sticking to the 2 chapters a day schedule. I just didn’t want to put it down, I wanted to know what happened next. Now I can’t wait for Annie’s next book.”


“This novel Annie Hughes created is wonderful! The main character of the story, Anna, is a young 15/16 year old girl, who comes from a very slummy part of London. Doesn’t have enough food to eat, is malnourished, doesn’t have hardly any friends, doesn’t have anyone she can trust. She has some very bad things happen in her short life. She finds out she has an American Dad David, who comes and rescues her. He brings her back to the US, and loves her, gains her trust, feeds her, gives her clothes that are brand new, not hand me downs. She finally lets her guard down, and begins to trust him, and love him and his family.”


“This wonderfully written debut novel took me through a wide range of emotions. Any story that can touch me so deeply, is a story worth reading again and again. Can’t wait to read more from Annie Hughes!”


“It’s easy to forget that really bad things happen to those around us on a regular basis. It’s inspirational reading about a victim who continues to push through. 16-year-old Anna has had to face so much in life and yet, she continues to fight to overcome her demons. This story is touching, fun, encouraging, and Annie Hughes gives you excellent details and buildup. Anna’s interactions with her new surroundings, friends, and family are fun to read and I love the flirty scenarios.

I also extremely enjoyed the taste of culture added. This is not something as many authors do and I really appreciated this in her work. Definitely a good read!”


 Best wishes to Annie!  I think she has a bright future ahead of her!

Blog Tour: Aria Michael ‘s Before The Sky Fell


Before the Sky Fell
(An Icarus Series Novella)
by Aria Michaels
Blog Tour


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*A novella from the Icarus Series; an apocalyptic dystopian thriller.* 

For most the the planet, it all ended with the Killshot, but for seventeen year old Liv Larson the world came crashing down around her months before Solar Storm Icarus erupted. Suddenly orphaned, and with all of her carefully constructed plans laid to ruin, Liv is forced to make a decision that could change everything. Will give in to her grief, or will Liv fight for what is left of her family, her friendships, and the future that existed…before the sky fell? 

-Includes a special sneak peek at Killshot (Icarus Series, Book One)- 
Only .99 on Amazon
Book Trailer for Before the Sky Fell


First Book in The Icarus Series
Author Information


Aria Michaels lives in a small town in Illinois
with her loving, patient, husband and her six (yes, SIX) energetic boys. Always
the creative type, Aria fed off the encouragement of her mother, and started
writing and illustrating her own stories at a very young age. Aria’s passion
for creation and love of the human spirit followed her to the university level
where she graduated with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts, and a Bachelors
Degree in Communications, with a minor in psychology.
After years of juggling parenthood with her a career in higher education, the
universe finally called Aria back to her original passion…writing. When she
isn’t glued to her computer, or painting her next masterpiece, Aria can be
found playing in the dirt with her kids, snuggling up to a good zombie flick
with her husband, or sipping a glass of wine by the fire with friends.


Author Links


I haven’t  had a chance to read this one yet, but I have been hearing really fantastic things about it.  I will add my review as soon as I have a chance to get it read.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Free: Marisa Oldham’s The Falling of Love

I am thrilled to announce that the first book in Marisa Oldham’s The Falling  Series,  The Falling of Love is now free!  Link below.


I truly love this entire series – we’ll do a huge blitz here on the blog when the final book in the trilogy, The Falling of Hope,  is released later this year.  As a beta reader I can assure you that it is everything you’ll want to see, and more, so much more.tmp_19790-FB_IMG_1433806032807-798460739

In the meantime,  either meet Grace, Ian, Michelle, Jaden, James and Grandpa Joe for the first time, or refresh your memory in preparation.   Marisa Oldham gives such a beautifully poetic voice to this entirely too realistic tale of first love, growing from high school, small town innocence to chasing rockstar dreams in Los Angeles.  Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster, but what a ride it is!  These characters have become so much more than names on pages to me, and I think they will for you too. tmp_19790-FB_IMG_1433806019588-630105879

 The Falling of Love By Marisa Oldham is now FREE!!!


You will never forget your first date, your first kiss, or your first love. You’ll also never forget how it felt when it was torn apart.


Seventeen-year old Grace Hathaway does not give much thought to falling in love, until the day that Ian Taylor, rebel and misfit walks into her math class. From their first conversation, Grace is mesmerized by Ian’s charisma and rock star façade.


Ian Taylor, a seventeen-year old kid from the wrong side of the tracks tries to ignore the feelings he has for Grace, but is captured by her caring, non-judgmental personality from the moment they meet. Grace becomes Ian’s everything and there is nothing he will not do for her. Hurting her was never part of his plan.


***Recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and strong language.***


I love this book so much I’ve decided to add a surprise giveaway  when we get more than 10 comments on this blog post.  Leave a note in support of Marisa, or just say hi, and I will announce exactly what the giveaway will be when I see comment 11 go up!

Blog Tour: The Fairest of Them by Heather Osborne

A warm welcome today, to a new to me author, Heather Osborne,  on release day for her new romantic thriller, The Fairest of Them. Congratulations Heather!  My review is at the end of this post.

Title: The Fairest of Them

Series: Rae Hatting Mystery #2

Author: Heather Osborne

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Crime Thriller

Release Date: June 6, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a murder…

Rae Hatting returns in her first, full-length novel, “The Fairest of Them.”

Detective Luke Thompson is a hero cop, with a string of solved serial killer cases under his belt. He comes to California, thinking he can disappear quietly into the forests, isolated from the rest of the world. His expertise is called upon to help with a mysterious serial killer, dumping bodies dressed like fairy tale characters in the woods outside of Mendocino County. With the help of a profiler, Luke finally gets the break he needs, as well as finding romance for himself. Tragedy strikes, and Luke is left despondent, unable to carry on as a detective. Can a fiery redhead from the FBI help him out of the slump?

Determined to leave the life of solving unsolvable homicides behind, Special Agent Rae Hatting tries to settle into a normal life with her adopted daughter, Grace. However, her reputation precedes her, and Rae finds herself back in the fray, called upon to help solve a series of gruesome fairy tale style murders in California. Her only obstacle is Detective Luke Thompson. Broody, stubborn, and an all-around pain in the ass, the pair must work together before another victim ends up never finding their happily ever after.


The trail led to a clearing surrounded by redwood trees. They provided shade from the harsh afternoon July sun, their shadows dancing on the ground. In the very center of the ring, a woman lay, her hands folded over her abdomen. Blonde ringlets framed her face and her vivid blue eyes were wide open, staring blankly into the abyss. The slender form was draped in a pink dress with lace accents at the sleeves. Over it, she wore a stark white pinafore. Hikers had stumbled on the eerily staged scene in MacKerricher State Park, and called in the authorities.

Yellow crime tape was wound around the statuesque trees. It was as if they were standing guard, tall and silent. Upon closer investigation, a slim book was discovered, poking out of the pocket of the starched pinafore. It was quickly bagged and tagged as evidence before the body, carefully sealed in a black bag, was transported to the coroner’s office. I remember turning my face upwards, gazing at the majestic trees and wishing they could talk. If they could, my job would have been infinitely easier.


I had come to the small town in Mendocino County, California, early in 2003 with no intentions of taking up another job on the force. My legacy was safely tucked away in Dallas, Texas, after I solved a series of prostitute rapes and mutilations. The newspapers lauded me as a hero. The whole situation made me feel completely sick, not good for a detective. We were meant to be impartial and I found myself blaming the working girls I had so often warned about the dangers of streetwalking.

The circumstances leading me to resuming a position as a detective with the sheriff’s department were not something I wished to discuss with anyone. I would simply change the topic when brought up in conversation. I supposed that it was some sort of calling, unable to let me rest until I helped as many people as possible.

I drove back to the station, radio off, the red-taped evidence bag taunting me on the passenger seat. I knew what it contained, but I was reluctant to confirm it. I turned the bag over to the technicians at the lab and returned to my office with an off-hand reminder to let me know what they found. The book would be swabbed, submitted to latent fingerprint testing, and returned to my desk with the same report as last time: no conclusive trace evidence found. As I predicted, it’s what happened. I retrieved the book, setting it down on my desk in the plastic covering.

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves, I ran my hand over the leather cover. It was a first edition, like the rest. I carefully cracked the cover and the black print stood out on the creamy ivory paper: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

Beneath it, penned in perfect cursive were the words: She should not have taken what did not belong to her. I slammed the book shut in frustration. The taunts were becoming more and more specific as time went on.

Throwing the gloves in my trashcan, I decided to take a walk and see if Dr. Sabine Lawson had found anything on the body. The glimmer of hope had long since faded that she actually would. The curvy, African-American coroner was meticulous in her reports, so I doubted she would be even down to the woman’s breasts at this point. I had to do something to settle my nerves, though, or I would snap.

The squeak of the metal swinging doors signaled my entry into the disinfectant-scented room. I grinned at the sight of Sabine in her element. She wore her hair in narrow braids, pulled back in a no-nonsense ponytail. Her skin was the color of coffee with cream. There were many days I lusted after Sabine, but she made it clear to me from day one she was committed to her job. There was no room for “torrid affairs with wild cowboys,” as she put it.

“Whatcha got for me, Doc?” I went through the motions of putting on another pair of gloves to avoid Sabine’s scowl.

“Nothing yet and you know it. You’re restless, cher.” The drawl of her New Orleans accent came out like liquid silk.

I leaned against the counter and watched her work. “Damn straight. I can’t wrap my head around this guy. He was sticking to the classics and now this jump. Why Goldilocks?”

Sabine was used to listening to my ramblings and offering her interpretations. “Perhaps, she merely fit the profile of that character.”

“He’s not like that though. He plans this all to the letter. Every detail. Stalks these women for weeks!” I jiggled my leg anxiously. The change in the killer’s modus operandi rattled me more than it should.

“Calm yourself.” She began to speak into a microphone positioned above her work station.

“Female victim appears roughly 20 to 25 years of age based on bone development and pelvic placement. She has never given birth. There are signs of sexual trauma, but no ligature marks on her wrists or ankles. A small needle mark indicates that the victim may have been drugged. Sending a sample of blood and urine to the lab for further analysis.”

I interrupted her. “No trace of semen, I take it?”

She frowned at me. “No, like the others.” Sabine carefully made her opening incision in the abdomen of the victim and drew back the flesh. She busied herself with the remainder of her work, and I knew I was dismissed without her saying so. Pinging the gloves into a bin by the door, I walked out.

Heather Osborne was born and raised in California. She has a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Victimology, as well as coursework in Early Childhood Education. In 2009, she met her husband and moved to Scotland, very much a dream of hers since she was a small child. Heather has been writing short stories for as long as she can remember. She also has written and directed several plays. In her spare time, Heather enjoys reading, writing (of course!), theatre, as well as caring for her young son.


My Review:

I have always appreciated a good thriller, and a good romance as well.  It has only been in recent years that I have come to appreciate the combination of the two.

This book brings plenty of punch with a serial killer with a grotesque way of playing out fairy tales.  The local police and FBI have been trying to unravel this for years without making much progress.  After the initial “Hansel and Gretel” they have not even been able to identify the victims.  With the latest addition to the horrific anthology, a FBI profiler is sent to work with the lead detective on the case.

I will admit that my thoughts as I read the early chapters were mixed as I tried to decide if the focus was more romantic or on the case, and that the romance seemed a little sudden, and perhaps a bit forced.  If you start reading this book and have similar feelings, I encourage you to push on.  The thrills, emotions, and a deeply twisted backstory backstory to the true killer brings plenty of punch and depth to the suspense part, and my initial feelings on the romance were completely rethought with a very unexpected plot twist about 1/3 of the way into the book and things are pretty well non stop from that point on.  The introduction  of Rae brings an interesting cast of characters in the form of her family, in addition to her spunk, and her interesting ties to the case.

I am giving this one a solid 4 stars, and will be looking for more on these characters.