Cover Reveal: Sight Words by L B Dunbar

Pleased to present the cover reveal for L B Dunbar’s latest, Sight Words, coming June 2!   This is the fifth and final installment in her Sensations Collection.   I will admit that I haven’t delved into this series yet (I am absolutely obsessed with her Legendary Rock Stars series though) but I have heard incredible things and have the first two downloaded and high on the TBR.  If you’ve been reading this series, let me know what you think in the comments.

Sight Words by L.B. Dunbar


I’ve been waiting for love. I’ve watched my closest family find their perfect match, and it’s made me realize my current boyfriend is not mine. When a stranger comes to town, I’m intrigued, but not ready to give up my newfound freedom. A whirlwind of events throws us into each other’s path, where I eventually discover I’m the teacher of his youngest sister. Concerned about Amaryllis’ reading, I take on the role of mentor to her. Soon I learn a lesson or two from big brother, Leon Ramirez. In a push and pull, we struggle as we each have demons in our past.

A smart girl would never stay in a bad relationship.
A gang member could never want more from his life.
Stereotypes remain false words.
As I learn to fight for love, I find that words do matter.
Sometimes they can hurt more than sticks and stones.


Goodreads TBR:

Coming June 2.


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