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This is a post I have been meaning to make for weeks, but procrastination got the best of me until I realized I am hosting a stop on PM Briede’s blog tour tomorrow, for her newest, Death of a Chorus girl.  I have also been wanting to share the most incredible online book club, Epilogues, which I am so very pleased to be involved with.


The Epilogues group is an unique and fabulous group for both readers and authors.  I highly encourage everyone to drop in and find out what all is going on in there!

My favorite part is the book of the month discussion groups.   Reading a chapter or two a day, with a group, and discussing each chapter in detail is an incredibly rewarding experience for a reader.   You will most certainly become more tied to the piece you are reading, but seeing other’s views and reactions, and you get the chance to really break it down to its core.   The author of the chosen book is not allowed in the discussion, but will host a Skype chat with the group after they have completed the work.

The Epilogues cover also includes podcasts, subgroups specifically for authors and indie publishing issues, as well as the books of the month sections.  By following clear but simple guidelines, you may also use areas to promote your works.  I sincerely feel there is something for everyone there.

Our March book of the month was PM Briede’s The Underground

Underground CTP

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Underground Melly

I will start with my review, and I got the permission from some of the other readers in our group to share their reviews as well, so you get more than just my biased opinion.  Thank you ladies!   It has been such a pleasure to become friends through our shared reading experience.  On top of all the normal things you would want from a book club, it is a very bonding experience.   I will also intersperse some teasers in case you need more convincing.


My review:

Highly Recommended Dark Chiller

I had this one on my to be read list for months and was thrilled when it was chosen as book of the month for an online book club I had been wanting to join. Getting involved with this amazing book club, and getting to read this intriguing book in a setting of a chapter a day with daily discussion were both amazing experiences for this lifelong voracious reader. Though I am quite sure this fantastical tale would have made an impact regardless, this experience really cemented that it will stay with me.

As a bit of a history buff, discovering the history of the real Underground tours convinced me it will be near the top of my list of things to check out if I make it to Seattle again. The fact that the original Seattle still exists under the current city does lead an imagination to go in many directions, but the one PM Briede chose to take in this book is a great combination just on the edges of dark possibility.

The heart of the story are the stories of Oz, a reporter who is haunted by a childhood trauma that has been mostly repressed, but has haunted his dreams since its occurrence when he was a young boy, and Izzy, who does not remember her life before she was a “grounding.” Izzy has grown up believing monsters from books that have been edited to suit her leaders’ needs to keep her and her “sisters” in fear of the surface. I know other reviewers have complained that the book moves slowly in the first half, but, and the book group probably helped my opinion, I did not see it as slow, but giving us a good view into the psyches of the major and minor characters of the story. The group setting of questioning and speculation made it all move at a nice pace to me. These factors definitely added to my enjoyment, especially when things we had pondered came to light. Other readers I know thought the ending came together too quickly and seemed out of the blue, but through the group we had dissected many scenarios that did play into the apocalyptic climax so it did flow logically to me in almost every area.

There are a few items here and there that I feel could be easily fixed by another round through an editor, but I did not feel they distracted enough from the story to take away any stars. Some locals I know found further distraction by some geographical and slang terminology errors, but having only visited Seattle briefly over 20 years ago did not effect me. There were a few areas I would have enjoyed more detail in Izzy’s POV, and some would have been more comfortable with less, but overall I do not fault the author’s portrayal.

For mature audiences for violence, abuse and sexual situations sometimes on the explicit side. I will note that none of the sexual situations seem gratuitous; they fit into the storyline. Highly recommended dark chiller, and I am thankful it has changed my views on book clubs. I look forward to delving deeper into PM Briede’s catalog.


From Sarah:

Love this book!

Wow!! This was a FANTASTIC read! The Underground was not what I expected, it was so much more. From the first page I didn’t want to put it down, I instantly wanted to know what would happen next. This story was so fascinating with many twists and turns. With each page I got the feeling there was more then meets the eye but I was not expecting what was really going on. I absolutely love these characters especially Oz and Izzy. The scenes with the two of them were so heart warming so when they were separated I ached for them to be together again. I highly recommend this book.


From Alea

 Mind Blowing Love

This book has so many twists and turns. It will have you seating at the edge of your seat the entire time. PM does a amazing job in keeping you interested and wanting more. I really enjoyed reading this book and will be reading more of her books.

Underground Introduction

From Sharon:

Loving What You Didn’t Know

I’d NEVER heard about the Underground. I didn’t know this was a real place?! Such a cool setting to be used in the book. That alone makes this an awesome read. It’s so different from so many books out there.

This story also contains mystery, intriguing characters, twists, and action!! PM Briede is excellent with her details. She makes you feel like part of the scene. I read it with a book club and it was impossible for members to stick to a daily schedule. They never wanted to put it down. 5 STARS.

Teaser 1

From Marnie:

Really Enjoyed this Book

Wonderfully written book! I was captivated by Izzy from the moment she was introduced and wanted to know “her story”. Ozzy was an enduring character in his own right. Great read! Looking forward to more from PM Briede!

First time Ozs apt

** Anyone else who read with is can send me your reviews and I will add them!   I waited too long to go back and see who all had given me permission to post.

The Underground Blurb

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